About Transcend Healthcare Solutions Inc.

Transcend Healthcare Solutions Inc. is a health informatics company, providing knowledge based solutions to hospitals and diagnostic centers across the globe. Transcend Healthcare Solutions Inc. provides various services such as radiology reporting, medical transcription, billing and coding as well as Software as a service.

Our range of products and services enables complete outsourcing of medical knowledge processes which we ensure integrate seamlessly back into our clients’ systems. Our teleradiology solution involves a highly diverse and experienced panel of radiologists and uses a world class PACS system which interfaces with most HIS systems in the world. The medical transcription/billing & coding process runs 24x7 with capabilities to service very large volumes. Our software solution is a US based RIS, developed to compete in the global market with US FDA approved quality and transfer protocol with a feature rich viewer high levels of user customisation.

Founded as recently as 2012, Transcend Healthcare Solutions Inc. is now servicing clients across India, the United States, the Caribbean Islands and Middle East and will soon be expanding to Africa and the Middle East. With over 45 clients across the globe, Transcend Healthcare Solutions Inc. has grown into a truly global healthcare company in a short span of time.

Radiologist Panel

Our panel consists of a mix of DMRD, DMRE, DNB and MD doctors with experience ranging from 5 years to 20+ years. All our radiologists are well versed with using teleradiology technology to report cases with speed and efficiency.

Who we are?

Transcend Healthcare Solutions Inc. is a global health informatics company, catering to outsourcing needs of diagnostic imaging centers & hospitals.


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